Sunday, June 22, 2008

Driving/Camp Rock/Rocking/Songs/Pie/Tess

So, yeah, I'm basically WAY excited. I register for drivers' ed tomorrow, and get my permit/start class on Tuesday. I'm way scared though. I'm worried I'm overcorrect and break something...

I'm watching Camp Rock again. I so wish I could go to Camp Rock. I'd love it, though I'm not an insanely talented singer. Maybe I'd play guitar in a band. That'd be just as fun. Though I'm not incredible at that either... I'd just love to be in a band. But I don't know any singers that live in my area, or I'd totally have them sing my songs.

Yes I write songs.

I just had some of my momma's key lime pie. It was amazing. EXCELLENT. I want more, dude.

God, Tess is such a BITCH. Maybe?

Um....I had something big to talk about....and now I, right!!!!!


I am going to review it. Cuz this is MY blog and I can do whatever the hell I friggin want to! (like eat breakfast...I need to do that....)

Kay, so basically, it was AWESOME. I loved every single song, with the exception of "We Rock" at the end. My favorite was "Here I Am" by Renee Sandstrom. The plot was believable, and it was a wonderful Cinderella story. I DO think that it could've been done better if it was in, say, MTV's hands. Some lines were very cliche and others just random. And the romance between Mitchie and Shane was kind of lame. Especially at the end.....

All in all, though, it was definitely my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. It's still saved on my TiVo, to be watched again at my leisure. =]

Kay, so the reason I haven't updated in FOREVER is because I don't know what to blog about. So, if you have a topic, send it to along with some sort of name (it can be something like Suzie or something like jibbers1029, I don't care) so I can credit you. I need ideas. I got nothing.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Post a Comment

Otay, so lots of people have been asking me how to post a comment here. Well, the people I know at least. So, for all you people on FanFiction who I can't just call and tell how to do it, here it is:

  1. Click the hyperlink at the bottom that says "[insert number here] comments". This will take you to a page where you will see the comments on the left and the add comment box on the right.
  2. The add comment box will automatically be set to "Google/Blogger". Kay, so this is where most people get tripped up. They think, "Darn. I have to have a google or blogger account. Can't post a comment." BUT instead, you simply click a different bubble!
  3. If you want your name to appear, click the third bubble down that says "Name/URL". Insert your name and your URL if it tickles your fancy, then type in your comment and click "Publish Your Comment.
  4. OR if you wish to remain anonymous, click the bottom bubble that says "Anonymous". Then type your comment and click "Publish Your Comment"
Hope this clears things up! =]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alyson May's Worst List

The Top Worst Things of Music, Movies, Books, and More (in no particular order)

1. Corbin Bleu "Another Side"
2. ZoeGirl "ZoeGirl"
3. Various Artists "Songs From Instant Star 3"
4. Linkin Park "Reanimation"
5. TLC "CrazySexyCool"

1. "Hey Ya" by Outkast
2. "Nan, You're a Window Shopper" by Lily Allen
3. "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces" by Panic at the Disco
4. "Silence" by Aly and AJ
5. "Superstar" by Sonic Youth

1. The White Stripes
2. Ashley Tisdale
3. Anyone hip-hop except Kanye West
4. Ashlee Simpson (minus her first CD)
5. Paris Hilton

1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Borat
3. High School Musical 2
4. Eragon
5. Harry Potter 4

1. Criss-Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins
2. Animal Farm by George Orwell
3. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

1. ponchos
2. gauchos
3. stretchy pants
4. denim dresses
5. clogs

Feel free to add your own lists of these things or more!!!!!

My Twilight Story

This is the tale of how I got into Twilight. For most people within the last year or so, it's just, "Oh, yeah, my friend told me about it. Actually she FORCED me to read it..." but mine's a bit more exciting! So here we gooooo.....

It was probably early summer or before when I first heard of Twilight. It was by my friend Sara (who I met on a cruise in 6th grade) who told me she'd read it, that it was the best book EVER, that I had to read it, and that she'd written a fanfic about it. I think she explained the basic premise of the book, but I skimmed over it in our emails--I wasn't a real avid read until last summer. I even saw it at Target several times, since the book was becoming quite popular then. I read the back once. "Vampires?" I thought, or maybe I said it aloud, "EWWWW. I'm never reading this book." I practically threw it back on the rack and proceeded with my Saturday shopping.

It was probably late August that I actually picked up Twilight and BOUGHT it. My family was going to a baseball game (I dislike watching any sport except hockey so I was looking for something to do in the two/three hours that the game would last.) and we stopped at a mall for one reason or another. There was a WalMart, so I decided to stop there, because I wanted to buy one thing and only one thing: AFI's CD Decemberunderground. Of course, while my brother dilly-dallied looking for HIS music, I wandered over to the books. I had two in my hand: Twilight in one and I think it was Sold in the other (which I still haven't bought). I debated, then decided to buy Twilight only because it was longer and would take me more time. I hopped back in the car and did not crack open Twilight. INSTEAD I unwrapped the AFI CD. This took me a good five minutes or so--I really suck at opening those damn things! So when it was open, I asked my mom and dad if we could listen to it, at least the two songs I knew. She tossed it in and "Prelude 12/21" came on. My brother and I sang along happily; we knew every word. Then "Kill Caustic" came on. I believe I abruptly covered my ears. Oh, the shrieking! Oh, the loud guitar! Oh, the talk of killing yourself and meds! My parents looked at each other and smiled. "We might steal this from you," my mom said. (They hate AFI now, by the way.) We skipped to "Miss Murder", where my brother and I began to sing along again. The CD was popped out after that.

We reached the stadium. I grimaced. Stupid baseball anyway. I began the book, reading the preface, then reading it over three times more. Then I passed it to my family and made them read it. Seriously, man, that's a friggin good preface. I continued after that. But I didn't read much after that because baseball games are loud and you can't concentrate on books while reading them.

I finished Twilight about three days later, only because I was sure Bella had a nasty demise at the end. I thought the guy in the seriously-man-that's-a-friggin-good-preface was Edward and thought that by reading the book SLOWLY I could prolong Bella's death. I read the bulk of it while my parents were grocery shopping the next day and my brother was on MySpace (we weren't allowed to have them yet, so he went on while Mom and Dad were gone). I kept laughing out loud--yes, I was literally LOLing--and reading parts to my bro.

I read Twilight another time before I got New Moon the next day. =]

Since then, my obsession has grown and expanded. I gave my WalMart copy to three more people before it got destroyed and Twilight Fanatic Number Three bought me a new one. I've gotten SOOOO many more people addicted. I am a proud Twihard. =]

P.S. I listened to AFI about a month later and LOOOOVED them. Well....the songs with no screaming. Now I listen to their music relentlessly and own four CDs. I am anxiously awaiting the next CD and EP.

Monday, June 9, 2008

YAY! Someone commented yesterday! Thank you, Ujlee!!!!!! I am VERY happy that you commented! It really is hard to get a website off the ground, you know? But I'm doing my very best.

Today was a crappy day. I was sleepy and in a shitty mood all day. Which is very abnormal for me, because I'm almost always in a positive mood. I'm also sad that my English teacher is leaving. It was hard for me for a while because he isn't an amazing teacher, but now it's like, "WOW. I'm going to miss that man." I'm introducing him to Blaqk Audio, one of my favorite bands.

Ah. Nothing to talk about. Hm....subjects...subjects... don't know..............grrrrr......

Hey, if anyone actually reads this, tell me what to talk about. I got nothing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

101 Random Things About Me

  1. I hate tomatoes.
  2. I have an irrational fear of walking across bridges because I think they will crumble and I will die.
  3. I also have an irrational fear of chihuahuas.
  4. And goats.
  5. I get into conversations about feet and farts with my best friends.
  6. One of my best friends and I have the relationship of Juno and Leah from the movie Juno. She is Leah and I am Juno.
  7. I have read Twilight 7 times.
  8. I have watched High School Musical AT LEAST 30 times. (I stopped count after about 23)
  9. I keep lists of the number of pages I read over summer. Last year it was around 6,000. I'm aiming for 10,000 this year.
  10. When I was a baby, I couldn't sleep on my back because when I did, my arms would fold in and I would startle awake and cry. For my parents' sanity, I was allowed to sleep on my stomach.
  11. I loooove Gilmore Girls. Lane is my favorite character.
  12. I would like to go on a foreign exchange trip to Germany my junior year. I have $90 saved up.
  13. My first son WILL be named Emmett.
  14. I will not name any of my sons Edward or Jacob for the sole reason that I when I hear the names "Edward" and "Jacob" I think, "Ooooo SEXY." And I shouldn't think that way of my children.
  15. I didn't like electronica until I listened to Blaqk Audio.
  16. Most of the kids in my grade hate our English teacher, but I think he's cool.
  17. My favorite flowers are daisies.
  18. My favorite colors are red and yellow.
  19. I don't like most movies that came out before the 80's.
  20. I think Audrey Hepburn is just about the prettiest woman I've ever seen.
  21. If I could meet anyone on the entire planet, it would be Davey Havok.
  22. If I could bring any fictional character to life it would Cullen, Jacob Black, Fang, Farid, or Ian. (Twilight, Twilight, Maximum Ride, Inkheart, and The Host.)
  23. I have relationship issues. I date for about a month then get bored and want out.
  24. I used to want to have kids right after college. Now I want to wait.
  25. My friends say I'm mean when I'm exhausted, as proven by when I had the Baby Think It Over Baby Simulator. I hated that thing. =[
  26. I wish the person on FanFiction (can't remember her name at the moment) who wrote "Kind Of Since Forever" would update.
  27. My favorite story on all of FanFiction is "Rockin' With the Runaway" by Nibzo.
  28. I play guitar and write songs.
  29. At school, I run cross country (though I'd rather play soccer) and play tennis. I suck at all three sports.
  30. I work off a Mac.
  31. I wish more people would comment.
  32. I am a dedicated reader of
  33. ...and of
  34. I watched Mulan today.
  35. My ultimate dream is to become a writer.
  36. I think I am bipolar.
  37. I want to be a guitarist in a band.
  38. If I ever become famous, I don't want to be like Miley Cyrus and have everyone in the universe know me.
  39. My favorite store to shop at for clothes is Ross.
  40. I have little or no life.
  41. My latest ex-boyfriend (whom I broke up with two weeks ago) has not talked to me for two weeks even though I still want to be friends.
  42. I am unsure where I stand with a boy who likes me and lives in California.
  43. I AM sure that my best guy friend from MY state likes me. And I don't like him that way.
  44. I sleep with my favorite stuffed animal every night. His name is Bob and he's a monkey.
  45. My birthday is April 12, 1993.
  46. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
  47. I think the Disney movies now are LAME.
  48. Sometimes on MSN messenger, I say I am offline when I'm not so I don't have to talk to people.
  49. I love my brother. He is my Ross and I am his Monica.
  50. I won't truly miss any of the seniors who left school this year.
  51. I will bawl my eyes out when senior year comes.
  52. I am wearing black beat-up Converse, white athletic socks, dirty Levis, a black Target jacket, a red shirt with stereos on it that I got from Ross, a black wife-beater, and my medical ID necklace.
  53. I am allergic to penicillin/augmentin, which is why I wear the medical ID necklace.
  54. If you hop on over to and check out the guitar pick medical ID necklaces, that is the one I am wearing. I also submitted the idea for it.
  55. Because my town is so small, I am marveled by towns that have 10,000 people.
  56. There is a pencil sharpener on my desk shaped like a nose.
  57. I wish I had gum right now...
  58. I don't like watching movies, because I have trouble sitting still.
  59. I fell asleep during the last five minutes of one of the Lord of the Rings.
  60. In fact, I paid so little attention to the afore said Lord of the Rings movie that I don't remember which one it was.
  61. Remember how I said I was afraid of goats? That's because when I was little, a goat came and chewed on my flowered dress. Grrrr damn goats!
  62. I am a Christian.
  63. Converse is my favorite brand of shoe.
  64. I wear a size 4 in Converse.
  65. My left foot is bigger than my right.
  66. I suck at Calligraphy.
  67. I hold my pencil strangely.
  68. I tried to hold my pencil the correct way on Thursday and my pinkie finger hurt for an hour afterward.
  69. We get out of school on this Thursday!
  70. I am having a TV dinner for dinner tonight.
  71. I have never been high or drunk, and that fascinates some kids at my school.
  72. My town is a hick town. If you don't know what Romeos or Carharts are, you're a freak.
  73. My English teacher that I mentioned in number 16? Yeah, he didn't know what Romeos or Carharts were when he came to the school. He does now.
  74. I'm mad at Eve because she is the one who made childbirth painful.
  75. I am opinionated.
  76. I don't like Hillary Clinton. She looks very FAKE.
  77. I like Barack Obama. He's cool and he can DANCE.
  78. There is a song called "Faken" by a band called Seather. Not "Fake It" by Seether, but "Faken" by Seather. Weird, right?
  79. I hate pickles.
  80. I think Subway has gross olives.
  81. I am slow to say I hate a band, but I HATE the White Stripes.
  82. I love the movie She's the Man!
  83. My favorite charity is Invisible Children.
  84. I just watched an episode of the Nickelodeon show H2O.
  85. I have a friend who will not let her children watch Nickelodeon because it's 'inappropriate.'
  86. That same friend is my best friend.
  87. And me and my other best friends are throwing her a sweet sixteen this November.
  88. My parents don't know I have this blog.
  89. I really want to vlog, but my parents won't let me.
  90. My desk is VERY messy.
  91. I created an art project based on Twilight.
  92. I am very artistic.
  93. I own three American Girl dolls: Kit, Kaya, and one that looks like me that I named Emily.
  94. My cousins Emily and Madison adore me.
  95. I spilled soy sauce today.
  96. Yesterday I sat on a Milk Dud and it stuck to my sweatpants.
  97. I was going to tell you the CDs in my CD player, but there are none.
  98. I have subscriptions to the magazines Alternative Press and Seventeen.
  99. I have YouTube subscriptions to xemobanditx, FueledByRamen, sumfight, MaxRideTV, flyleafmusic, codyrapol, 5secondruletv, NoMoreMarbles, OfficialTwilightFilm, and edwardbellanet.
  100. You can email me anytime at
  101. My bedtime is 11 PM on school nights and midnight on non-school nights.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kay, I'm back. Nice run, nice run. Still trying to get in shape for cross country, you know. We ran about half a mile and walked about half a mile. But that's my first run in about four months, mind you. I'll do better next time, I swear! Anyways.

I posted a little thingymajigger on FanFiction alerting everyone of this blog. Did anyone see it? I suppose I'll see if someone posts saying they saw it, huh? Yeah, that'd make sense...

I'm currently reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. I'm pretty much addicted to it. It's awesome. It's taken me a ridiculously long time to finish though. Typically, I finish books in days...this one has taken me four just to get halfway. But I've been busy. So that's my excuse! Haha! Seriously, though, I think people are getting sick of hearing me talk about it. I was like, "Oh my gosh, this book is so good! You have to read it! It's amazing!" My friend Ashlie was like, "Oh great. Another Twilight."

Just proving my nerdosity to you all!

Anyways, I'm sitting here writing this, listening to my favorite band AFI. Anyone else like them? Cuz I'm seriously the only one of my friends who does. Everyone else hates them. They're 'too loud' and 'scream too much' apparently. Well...yes...they're loud. That's why my hearing sucks. But isn't the line "For a change, I'll refrain from hiding all of me from you" beautiful? Better than "Smack that, all along the floor". There's SUBSTANCE. Not SEXUALITY.

Not to degrade anyone's music. I hate it when people tell me that they don't like my music, so I'll try not to put down anyone else's. Deal? Good.

So I'm kind of just rambling right I'm gonna go...BYES!

Today..., I obviously created this account! YAYS! that I have absolutely no people reading this, well, WHO CARES! Haha here are a couple of rueles for this site:

1) No degrading language.
Treat others as you would wish to be treated. I don't care about cussing, but DO NOT use the N word. =[

2) No IM speak
It's annoying. Use your frigging fingers to type out whole words.

3) Don't annoy me.
This includes using all caps or too many punctuation marks.

This list may be added, tweaked, altered or changed later.

Now I must go running with Courtney Rose (also off FanFiction). Grrrrrrr. I'll write more later. Ta-ta for now!