Sunday, June 8, 2008

101 Random Things About Me

  1. I hate tomatoes.
  2. I have an irrational fear of walking across bridges because I think they will crumble and I will die.
  3. I also have an irrational fear of chihuahuas.
  4. And goats.
  5. I get into conversations about feet and farts with my best friends.
  6. One of my best friends and I have the relationship of Juno and Leah from the movie Juno. She is Leah and I am Juno.
  7. I have read Twilight 7 times.
  8. I have watched High School Musical AT LEAST 30 times. (I stopped count after about 23)
  9. I keep lists of the number of pages I read over summer. Last year it was around 6,000. I'm aiming for 10,000 this year.
  10. When I was a baby, I couldn't sleep on my back because when I did, my arms would fold in and I would startle awake and cry. For my parents' sanity, I was allowed to sleep on my stomach.
  11. I loooove Gilmore Girls. Lane is my favorite character.
  12. I would like to go on a foreign exchange trip to Germany my junior year. I have $90 saved up.
  13. My first son WILL be named Emmett.
  14. I will not name any of my sons Edward or Jacob for the sole reason that I when I hear the names "Edward" and "Jacob" I think, "Ooooo SEXY." And I shouldn't think that way of my children.
  15. I didn't like electronica until I listened to Blaqk Audio.
  16. Most of the kids in my grade hate our English teacher, but I think he's cool.
  17. My favorite flowers are daisies.
  18. My favorite colors are red and yellow.
  19. I don't like most movies that came out before the 80's.
  20. I think Audrey Hepburn is just about the prettiest woman I've ever seen.
  21. If I could meet anyone on the entire planet, it would be Davey Havok.
  22. If I could bring any fictional character to life it would Cullen, Jacob Black, Fang, Farid, or Ian. (Twilight, Twilight, Maximum Ride, Inkheart, and The Host.)
  23. I have relationship issues. I date for about a month then get bored and want out.
  24. I used to want to have kids right after college. Now I want to wait.
  25. My friends say I'm mean when I'm exhausted, as proven by when I had the Baby Think It Over Baby Simulator. I hated that thing. =[
  26. I wish the person on FanFiction (can't remember her name at the moment) who wrote "Kind Of Since Forever" would update.
  27. My favorite story on all of FanFiction is "Rockin' With the Runaway" by Nibzo.
  28. I play guitar and write songs.
  29. At school, I run cross country (though I'd rather play soccer) and play tennis. I suck at all three sports.
  30. I work off a Mac.
  31. I wish more people would comment.
  32. I am a dedicated reader of
  33. ...and of
  34. I watched Mulan today.
  35. My ultimate dream is to become a writer.
  36. I think I am bipolar.
  37. I want to be a guitarist in a band.
  38. If I ever become famous, I don't want to be like Miley Cyrus and have everyone in the universe know me.
  39. My favorite store to shop at for clothes is Ross.
  40. I have little or no life.
  41. My latest ex-boyfriend (whom I broke up with two weeks ago) has not talked to me for two weeks even though I still want to be friends.
  42. I am unsure where I stand with a boy who likes me and lives in California.
  43. I AM sure that my best guy friend from MY state likes me. And I don't like him that way.
  44. I sleep with my favorite stuffed animal every night. His name is Bob and he's a monkey.
  45. My birthday is April 12, 1993.
  46. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
  47. I think the Disney movies now are LAME.
  48. Sometimes on MSN messenger, I say I am offline when I'm not so I don't have to talk to people.
  49. I love my brother. He is my Ross and I am his Monica.
  50. I won't truly miss any of the seniors who left school this year.
  51. I will bawl my eyes out when senior year comes.
  52. I am wearing black beat-up Converse, white athletic socks, dirty Levis, a black Target jacket, a red shirt with stereos on it that I got from Ross, a black wife-beater, and my medical ID necklace.
  53. I am allergic to penicillin/augmentin, which is why I wear the medical ID necklace.
  54. If you hop on over to and check out the guitar pick medical ID necklaces, that is the one I am wearing. I also submitted the idea for it.
  55. Because my town is so small, I am marveled by towns that have 10,000 people.
  56. There is a pencil sharpener on my desk shaped like a nose.
  57. I wish I had gum right now...
  58. I don't like watching movies, because I have trouble sitting still.
  59. I fell asleep during the last five minutes of one of the Lord of the Rings.
  60. In fact, I paid so little attention to the afore said Lord of the Rings movie that I don't remember which one it was.
  61. Remember how I said I was afraid of goats? That's because when I was little, a goat came and chewed on my flowered dress. Grrrr damn goats!
  62. I am a Christian.
  63. Converse is my favorite brand of shoe.
  64. I wear a size 4 in Converse.
  65. My left foot is bigger than my right.
  66. I suck at Calligraphy.
  67. I hold my pencil strangely.
  68. I tried to hold my pencil the correct way on Thursday and my pinkie finger hurt for an hour afterward.
  69. We get out of school on this Thursday!
  70. I am having a TV dinner for dinner tonight.
  71. I have never been high or drunk, and that fascinates some kids at my school.
  72. My town is a hick town. If you don't know what Romeos or Carharts are, you're a freak.
  73. My English teacher that I mentioned in number 16? Yeah, he didn't know what Romeos or Carharts were when he came to the school. He does now.
  74. I'm mad at Eve because she is the one who made childbirth painful.
  75. I am opinionated.
  76. I don't like Hillary Clinton. She looks very FAKE.
  77. I like Barack Obama. He's cool and he can DANCE.
  78. There is a song called "Faken" by a band called Seather. Not "Fake It" by Seether, but "Faken" by Seather. Weird, right?
  79. I hate pickles.
  80. I think Subway has gross olives.
  81. I am slow to say I hate a band, but I HATE the White Stripes.
  82. I love the movie She's the Man!
  83. My favorite charity is Invisible Children.
  84. I just watched an episode of the Nickelodeon show H2O.
  85. I have a friend who will not let her children watch Nickelodeon because it's 'inappropriate.'
  86. That same friend is my best friend.
  87. And me and my other best friends are throwing her a sweet sixteen this November.
  88. My parents don't know I have this blog.
  89. I really want to vlog, but my parents won't let me.
  90. My desk is VERY messy.
  91. I created an art project based on Twilight.
  92. I am very artistic.
  93. I own three American Girl dolls: Kit, Kaya, and one that looks like me that I named Emily.
  94. My cousins Emily and Madison adore me.
  95. I spilled soy sauce today.
  96. Yesterday I sat on a Milk Dud and it stuck to my sweatpants.
  97. I was going to tell you the CDs in my CD player, but there are none.
  98. I have subscriptions to the magazines Alternative Press and Seventeen.
  99. I have YouTube subscriptions to xemobanditx, FueledByRamen, sumfight, MaxRideTV, flyleafmusic, codyrapol, 5secondruletv, NoMoreMarbles, OfficialTwilightFilm, and edwardbellanet.
  100. You can email me anytime at
  101. My bedtime is 11 PM on school nights and midnight on non-school nights.


Anonymous said...
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Ujlee said...


I was reading your MR story on so I checked out your blog!
It's really funny!
Mine is a bit bland, to be honest... but still!
Great blog!

*Just-Me* said...

omg! pig noses. sorry. you got me all random. haha! anyway............... ............. i forgot! dangit! oh ya.... no wait.... oh ya haha! sorry! but ya. that was sorta random. like squirrels. haha! ANYWAY- DAMN! I FORGOT AGAIN! whatever! this is pissing me off. forget it.