Monday, June 9, 2008

YAY! Someone commented yesterday! Thank you, Ujlee!!!!!! I am VERY happy that you commented! It really is hard to get a website off the ground, you know? But I'm doing my very best.

Today was a crappy day. I was sleepy and in a shitty mood all day. Which is very abnormal for me, because I'm almost always in a positive mood. I'm also sad that my English teacher is leaving. It was hard for me for a while because he isn't an amazing teacher, but now it's like, "WOW. I'm going to miss that man." I'm introducing him to Blaqk Audio, one of my favorite bands.

Ah. Nothing to talk about. Hm....subjects...subjects... don't know..............grrrrr......

Hey, if anyone actually reads this, tell me what to talk about. I got nothing.

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