Friday, May 8, 2009

Going to a movie with my brother tonight. We're going to see X-Men Origins. Hopefully I won't need to have remember what happened in the other three (three...yes?) movies, because I totally forgetted. My favorite character was always Rogue. Don't know why. But I always wanted to be her. Just like in Rocket Power I wanted to be Reggie. I wanted to be a tough girl. But alas, I was - and am - a wimp.

Which brings me to my first question for the comments: Who of X-Men is the most rockingest?

For the second time in the history of this blog, someone I do not know has visited and left a comment! A very nice comment, too. =] I want to thank you, Francois. And you should know that I did check out your blog, too, and it was way rad. Your posts are funny. =] I loved the Mac v. Microsoft one. *coughMacsarebettercoughcough* I really do hope you come back.

Changed the background, did you notice? Tried doing that stupid HTML code thing but apparently The Nerd is too inept to do that. I seriously spent two hours trying to figure it out. My brother went for a walk, came back and said, "You're still on that thing?!" I scowled. I actually didn't know there was a way to change the backgrounds from the usual templates. Heh. Smart one, eh?

I've been a very infrequent poster lately, but I am willing to change. In fact, I have a business proposition for you: if you invite ONE FRIEND to view my blog, I will blog once a day for a year!

New question: WILL YOU DO THIS FOR ME????

Finally, I firmly believe Twitter is a waste of time. Do you tweet?

In case you need actual instructions: please answer the bold in the comments. Thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So naive....

And I thought Hitler was the only one who forced people of a certain race into concentration camps.

Roosevelt did it too. Same time, marginally better conditions.

So sad.. =[