Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I Know There Is a God

I know God exists when I am going on a vacation for the weekend and see that my online class has few expectations for once in my life.

I know God exists when my friend wants to be in a play where rehearsals are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday...and she works Wednesday and Friday.

I know God exists when my shy friend suddenly is bold enough to say, "Decide."

I know God exists when my arch enemy sees me crying and asks what's wrong.

I know God exists when I see a beautiful day like today.

My Favorite Names

Favorite Guy Names:

Favorite Girl Names:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Music Exclusiveness.

On my iTunes

I have African music and French music.
I have German music and Hawaiian music.
I have Disney stars and 'explicit content' signs.
I have Journey and Jim Croce.
I have Paramore and Panic! at the Disco.
I have Demi Lovato and Def Leppard.
I have Myra and Mirah.
I have Tegan and Sara and Meg and Dia and Aly and AJ.
I have AFI and Blaqk Audio.
I have Blink182 and Angels and Airwaves.
I have hip-hop and tribal music.
I have swing and rock and pop.
I have Christian and country.
(In some cases, I have Christian pop, Christian rock, Christian metal and Christian hip-hop)
I have music I got for free.
I have music I paid for on iTunes.
I have music I acquired from Limewire.
I have music I wrote and sung myself.
I have music my daddy sang himself.
I have lullabies and music my grandpa would have an aneurysm if he heard.
I have music my friends love.
I have music my friends can't stand.
I have music I originally hated but then grew to love.

I have a very limited musical taste.
^^^note sarcasm ^^^