Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Twilight Story

This is the tale of how I got into Twilight. For most people within the last year or so, it's just, "Oh, yeah, my friend told me about it. Actually she FORCED me to read it..." but mine's a bit more exciting! So here we gooooo.....

It was probably early summer or before when I first heard of Twilight. It was by my friend Sara (who I met on a cruise in 6th grade) who told me she'd read it, that it was the best book EVER, that I had to read it, and that she'd written a fanfic about it. I think she explained the basic premise of the book, but I skimmed over it in our emails--I wasn't a real avid read until last summer. I even saw it at Target several times, since the book was becoming quite popular then. I read the back once. "Vampires?" I thought, or maybe I said it aloud, "EWWWW. I'm never reading this book." I practically threw it back on the rack and proceeded with my Saturday shopping.

It was probably late August that I actually picked up Twilight and BOUGHT it. My family was going to a baseball game (I dislike watching any sport except hockey so I was looking for something to do in the two/three hours that the game would last.) and we stopped at a mall for one reason or another. There was a WalMart, so I decided to stop there, because I wanted to buy one thing and only one thing: AFI's CD Decemberunderground. Of course, while my brother dilly-dallied looking for HIS music, I wandered over to the books. I had two in my hand: Twilight in one and I think it was Sold in the other (which I still haven't bought). I debated, then decided to buy Twilight only because it was longer and would take me more time. I hopped back in the car and did not crack open Twilight. INSTEAD I unwrapped the AFI CD. This took me a good five minutes or so--I really suck at opening those damn things! So when it was open, I asked my mom and dad if we could listen to it, at least the two songs I knew. She tossed it in and "Prelude 12/21" came on. My brother and I sang along happily; we knew every word. Then "Kill Caustic" came on. I believe I abruptly covered my ears. Oh, the shrieking! Oh, the loud guitar! Oh, the talk of killing yourself and meds! My parents looked at each other and smiled. "We might steal this from you," my mom said. (They hate AFI now, by the way.) We skipped to "Miss Murder", where my brother and I began to sing along again. The CD was popped out after that.

We reached the stadium. I grimaced. Stupid baseball anyway. I began the book, reading the preface, then reading it over three times more. Then I passed it to my family and made them read it. Seriously, man, that's a friggin good preface. I continued after that. But I didn't read much after that because baseball games are loud and you can't concentrate on books while reading them.

I finished Twilight about three days later, only because I was sure Bella had a nasty demise at the end. I thought the guy in the seriously-man-that's-a-friggin-good-preface was Edward and thought that by reading the book SLOWLY I could prolong Bella's death. I read the bulk of it while my parents were grocery shopping the next day and my brother was on MySpace (we weren't allowed to have them yet, so he went on while Mom and Dad were gone). I kept laughing out loud--yes, I was literally LOLing--and reading parts to my bro.

I read Twilight another time before I got New Moon the next day. =]

Since then, my obsession has grown and expanded. I gave my WalMart copy to three more people before it got destroyed and Twilight Fanatic Number Three bought me a new one. I've gotten SOOOO many more people addicted. I am a proud Twihard. =]

P.S. I listened to AFI about a month later and LOOOOVED them. Well....the songs with no screaming. Now I listen to their music relentlessly and own four CDs. I am anxiously awaiting the next CD and EP.

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