Monday, June 2, 2008

Kay, I'm back. Nice run, nice run. Still trying to get in shape for cross country, you know. We ran about half a mile and walked about half a mile. But that's my first run in about four months, mind you. I'll do better next time, I swear! Anyways.

I posted a little thingymajigger on FanFiction alerting everyone of this blog. Did anyone see it? I suppose I'll see if someone posts saying they saw it, huh? Yeah, that'd make sense...

I'm currently reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. I'm pretty much addicted to it. It's awesome. It's taken me a ridiculously long time to finish though. Typically, I finish books in days...this one has taken me four just to get halfway. But I've been busy. So that's my excuse! Haha! Seriously, though, I think people are getting sick of hearing me talk about it. I was like, "Oh my gosh, this book is so good! You have to read it! It's amazing!" My friend Ashlie was like, "Oh great. Another Twilight."

Just proving my nerdosity to you all!

Anyways, I'm sitting here writing this, listening to my favorite band AFI. Anyone else like them? Cuz I'm seriously the only one of my friends who does. Everyone else hates them. They're 'too loud' and 'scream too much' apparently. Well...yes...they're loud. That's why my hearing sucks. But isn't the line "For a change, I'll refrain from hiding all of me from you" beautiful? Better than "Smack that, all along the floor". There's SUBSTANCE. Not SEXUALITY.

Not to degrade anyone's music. I hate it when people tell me that they don't like my music, so I'll try not to put down anyone else's. Deal? Good.

So I'm kind of just rambling right I'm gonna go...BYES!

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