Sunday, June 22, 2008 Maybe?

Um....I had something big to talk about....and now I, right!!!!!


I am going to review it. Cuz this is MY blog and I can do whatever the hell I friggin want to! (like eat breakfast...I need to do that....)

Kay, so basically, it was AWESOME. I loved every single song, with the exception of "We Rock" at the end. My favorite was "Here I Am" by Renee Sandstrom. The plot was believable, and it was a wonderful Cinderella story. I DO think that it could've been done better if it was in, say, MTV's hands. Some lines were very cliche and others just random. And the romance between Mitchie and Shane was kind of lame. Especially at the end.....

All in all, though, it was definitely my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. It's still saved on my TiVo, to be watched again at my leisure. =]

Kay, so the reason I haven't updated in FOREVER is because I don't know what to blog about. So, if you have a topic, send it to along with some sort of name (it can be something like Suzie or something like jibbers1029, I don't care) so I can credit you. I need ideas. I got nothing.

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Garnet Daggers said...

Awesome. I just watched it today for the first time. :) Coolness.