Sunday, October 26, 2008


Lately you've heard how beautifully my life has been going (Homecoming was great--I'll post pictures later), but we have to always remember that there are places in the world where poverty is much more common than middle class. Millions, if not billions, of people all of the planet are struggling to find the basic necessities of human life: food, water, shelter, and love. Children and adults both are entrapped in a society where lack of these things is the norm. It is our duty, in the middle class America, to reach out to those who cannot fend for themselves. We, who are also down in this economic struggle, need to give what little we can to those who have even less. I suppose saying it is our duty is too powerful. Rather, it is our honor, our ability, and our right to help those who need help. God tells us to love everyone. We need to follow this command. Everyone must follow this: white, black, Christian, Atheist, Hutu, Tutsi. It does not matter. We need to set life aside just for two seconds and give a little love. Let me be a dork for a moment quote Gilmore Girls, "I just hope to travel the world, spread some love, and see if it will grow." Well, since I am 15 and not able to travel without sacrificing my ideal of the need of an education, I'm spreading my love from the comfort of my own home. To do this, I've found some amazing charities which are in dire need of love. And if you are like me and like to get a little for your giving, there are many cases in which you can simply buy off their site and everything funnels directly back to the cause. Please. I'm begging you. Help.

Invisible Children. This organization tells the stories of many children in Northern Uganda. These kids are driven from their homes at night by rebel armies who force the kids to work as soldiers. If you refuse to join them, you die. If you want to go home, you die. If you show weakness at all, you die. These are not all teenagers. Some are younger than eight years old. Some are forced to kill their brother or sister or best friend. Some are used to catch other children. Here, you can join the bracelet campaign or simply buy a t-shirt. DVDs are also available to tell the story of the Invisible Children movement. If you want to see a Hollywood version, check out Fall Out Boy's "I'm Like a Lawyer.../Me & You" music video. All money goes directly back to Ugandans.

To Write Love On Her Arms. This organization centers in America and helps people struggling with depression, addiction, masochism, and suicide. Many popular rock and alternative bands including Anberlin, Paramore, Hawthorne Heights, Mayday Parade, Meg and Dia, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have gotten involved and work to raise money. They have also traveled to India to help with slavery. All proceeds go to helping people get out of these awful situations, and getting back to life. You can, once again, buy stuff to donate, or just send money to the address listed ont the website.

These are just two cases. Never turn down an opportunity to help someone else. Please, everyone, all three of you who check my website out. Please reach out.

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