Friday, October 10, 2008

The Chronicles Of a Brace Face

Yep. I got braces. Fun, right? Lucky it doesn't affect my fingers. I had a lisp before but NOW? God, it's atrocious. Disgustingly so.

Jade Puget mentioned "Twilight" in his blog. That was amazing to me. Don't know why.

I feel everything shifting in my world, you know? Suddenly I feel very teenage. I mean, I am teenage. But I'm not like the average boy obsessed girl. But I like this guy, you see, and now everything's kind of changing. It's like, suddenly I just want him to talk to me. Look at me during class. IM me when he's on. Contradict me when I say that I'm ugly or fat or stupid or a bad writer (okay, so he did the last one! =DDD the rest I've never said). There's a football game tonight, and my friend invited me to go to meet this guy who she thinks I'd be perfect with. I talked to him over texts today and I was just like, "Yeah, no." He's a nice guy and all. Too nice, I think. It's like I have MY guy perfectly mapped out in my head. remember that list I did a few months ago about my perfect guy? I'm going to go back and comment on those. Comparing them to my crush. =]

June 11, 2008

My guy has to read Twilight. I demand it of him. (CHECK!)

And he has to love music. Not hip-hop though. He can’t be a G. He should like my kind of music. But I’m open to suggestions. So if he wants to introduce me to other music, that’s cool. Or if we have a band that he loves but I detest, I think it’d be cute to fight over… (CHECK!)

He has to know me as well as he knows himself. And vice versa. (He knows a lot about me...)

He has to not only understand but be fluent in sarcasm. (Check!)

And a massive sense of humor is necessary. (CHECK!)

He should be a little strange. You know, so we match. But not like freakishly so. (Check!)

He should read. I mean, like, outside of Twilight. (Check!)

No drugs. No alcohol. No cutting. (CHECK!!!!!)

Being able to sing is a major plus! (Not enough data to properly assess)

Intelligence. If I can’t have conversations without him saying, “HUH?” every five seconds, then BUH-BYE. (CHECK!)

He should take me to concerts. That’d be sweet! (He would, if were were dating. And if I were allowed to go on dates. And if one of us had a car and could legally take the other around in it...)

In every dream I have about my Prince Charming, he’s always hot. So, you know, if my man could be even SLIGHTLY attractive, that’d be great. (I will quote Ella Fitzgerald: He may not be the man some girls think of as handsome...)

And a sense of style is awesome. Emo, skater, hick, prep, I don’t care. Whatever you wear, wear it well. (Not too bad. But he's not wearing socks with his sandals, so we're good)

We should ALWAYS be on the same page. (Not yet. =[)

He must respect my fears. That means no bridges, Chihuahuas, goats, or horror movies. (He knows them. But he hasn't been given the chance to prove himself here yet)

If he squeezes my sides, he must DIE. (Not yet! =])

This is a new one on my list, but he should believe in God. This ties into the one that’s two above this one. (Not yet, but I think he COULD)

I want him to do my sports with me. And attempt to teach me his. (He's not a sporty guy, and I don't really think this one applies anymore.)

Oh. He can’t hate AFI. That just doesn’t fly with me. (They're okay in his terms. But he has not listened to "Sing the Sorrow" yet)

And if I want to do dumb childish things, like watch a Disney movie, go to a carnival, or go out for ice cream, he should be 158% on board. (He'd be the first to suggest it!)

Oh my gosh what's wrong with me. I spent an entire blog talking about a BOY. D=


Anonymous said...

lil picky.... but that alright.

Kaotic Cass

Gregory said...

Gee, now who could we be talking about here? =]