Thursday, August 7, 2008

SYTYCD RESULTS! And my boring life...

So things are going okay, I guess. Been watching a lot of TV. Psh. Like there's anything better to do. Yesterday, I watched Gilmore Girls for several straight hours, followed by America's Got Talent! and then Legally Blonde--my mother's first viewing, to be exact. That evening I sat by my television faithfully to watch the final voting episode of a certain episode that will be revealed in exactly 26 words...Today? Well, a little less, because I was on the computer a lot today. I watched this afternoon's Gilmore Girls, and tonight I watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale. Oh, yes, this reminds me...



While I thought Chelsie was an incredible partner dancer, her solos lacked compared to the others. And while this doesn't matter all the time, in the end, you are judged on how you performed, not how you and your partner performed. Also, I believe she only got that far because everyone was still basking in the glory of her "Bleeding Love" dance. Which, yes, still makes my beat skip a beat.


Comfort was, of course, the best female hip-hop dancer hands down. She put all her passion into that genre, making many of her other dances sub-par at best. However, after she was reinstated in the competition when Jessie fractured some ribs, I believe she really pulled it together. When she was voted off, the second time, I think she left when honor and pride, more so than when she left previously.


Oh my Edward Cullen. Nearly every dance that Courtney did was incredible to me, including the first dance I ever saw, "Lost". She put her heart and soul into the dance, and even though she wasn't the most technical dancer by a long shot, she was my favorite. I think she is adorable and passionate and skilled. I could've sworn she was a contemporary dancer, so I was shocked to find she was a jazz dancer in the end!


Gev. Poor poor Gev. =[ I was so so sad when he went home, because I always thought his solos were the BEST. He left it all on the dance floor, and was an amazing B-Boy, no like a know a lot, you know, but STILL. It especially helped that he was Courtney's partner, so he was there on that first episode I watched where they performed "Lost".

Why did that write out as a hyperlink? Where does it lead? =/

Anyways, I though Katee should've won the show. She was the most technical dancer out of the top four, and she was just so fun and energetic. I was very shocked when Katee did not win. I would've voted for her, but when I asked my brother what the number was, he's like, "1-866-TEMPO-0?". But noooo. It's not 866. It's 888. =[ Katee's amazing, and I think Joshua brought out the best in her, though that dance with Will was pretty good, too. Not as good, just pretty good.


There was all this hype about how good Kherington was, but I only remember three GREAT performances, a few good ones, and a lot of really bad ones. That two step number? And the jazz one? GAH. She was a great ballerina, but I don't know. Something about her just never quite 'clicked' for me.

MARK: <3

Ah, Mark. Fit to say that he left while in the Top 6, because I think that's exactly where he fit. I loved Mark's personality and style. I actually hope my future who-I'm-meant-to-be-with-forever has a little bit of Mark in him, because Mark is so talented, but strange too. He's just so cool and weird but PERFECT. I have to admit that I have a little thing for him. =]


He wasn't really my favorite, but he really stepped it up when he got to about the Top 8. Starting blowing me away, in fact. I looooved the dance he did with Joshua on the voting finale. INSANE. I could never do that. If you did not watch that, I strongly suggest you go hunt it down and watch it. He's incredible for a street dancer. Hell, he's incredible for ANYONE.


Will was by far the most techincal boy. He blew me away every time, but looking back, I realize that his performances lacked soul sometimes. I believe that he could've won very easily if the Chris Daugh try Syndrome had not happened to him, but I am very glad of who DID win. Loved the Adam and Eve thing, though.


Though I fully looooove Mark, I definitely love Joshua too. He was just so good at everything he did, and he and Katee had such chemistry onstage. I screamed, "YES!" when he won! I was so excited!

Sorry for the concise-ness, but I was supposed to be off the computer five minutes ago, so BYE!

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