Thursday, July 31, 2008

23 Things I Want to Say to People, But Don't

  1. If your MySpace status is about me, I have three things to say to you. One: I don't feel the same way. Two: GET OVER IT. And three: OMG. You're IMMATURE. If it's not about me, then congrats to you. You've learned to move on.
  2. Just bite her already.
  3. She's changed you. I miss the old you. You're just so critical now. And whiny. And, I love you, but you're being hella annoying.
  4. If you're out there, I wish you'd let me know...
  5. Sometimes you border on childish and immature, but I still love you more than my own existence.
  6. You're the only friend I have who I can spend an extremely extended amount of time with, ever. Thank you for being there for me, always.
  7. Deary, you are the sweetest thing I know. You can be reckless, and stupid, and rush into things, but you are the one I talk to about all the hard stuff. I hope you and I can get some things sorted sometime soon.
  8. Seriously? You're not incredibly smart. You're not incredibly beautiful. And you're not incredibly gifted in extra talents. So get off your friggin high horse.
  9. You've gotta be kidding. Marriage? Psh. You're insane.
  10. The reason I never answer your IMs? Because you're dull and we have nothing to talk about. Sorry, man, but that's the way it is. Ask me tomorrow, and you may get a nicer answer.
  11. You ask girls out on a whim, just because you want a girlfriend so bad. It's not their fault they don't like you that way. Just learn to have a crush, okay? It feels nice sometimes.
  12. I told you I loved you when I didn't. I kissed you when I didn't really want to. I held onto you when all I wanted to do was shove you away. I'm a horrible bitch. Forgive me, please.
  13. Stop playing your game with him. You don't love him the way he loves you, so stop toying with him before I get my band of make-believe characters to kick your ass. (Word to the wise, the said band includes but is not limited to vampires, werewolves, winged bird-kids, time-travelers skilled in kicking people's butts, and a wolf/human hybrid some would call "Erasers.")
  14. What we had last summer was nothing but wishful thinking. It's not like we ever did anything except talk on the phone. And we weren't even great at talking on the phone. You asked me how far I would go with you while I asked you real questions. I already knew the answers to all of the ones you asked me.
  15. Oh, so you speak with God personally? You know exactly what he meant by every verse in the Bible? Please, do enlighten me, as I was not aware that you have been so blessed by the Lord Almighty.
  16. I kind of liked you, but I'm fine with the way things turned out, because, let's face it, you're not what I need.
  17. Mrs. Peterson made me LIKE science. Thanks, Teach, you ruined that for me.
  18. I'm sorry for what happened. It was stupid and ridiculous, and when you really think about it, not that bad. But I wish it hadn't screwed up what was turning into a friendship. It was my fault. And I'm sorry.
  19. You gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream. I hope you're right. I hope this works. And if it does, remember it was YOU would gave me that shove by saying you thought I could when you have no idea.
  20. You were a bitch to her. Why?
  21. You went out with her. You slept with her. You ignored her. Then you broke up with her. Smart, man. Not a good way to keep a girlfriend, now is it?
  22. Asshole.
  23. I didn't mean to alienate you. All I wanted was someone else there with us. We won't leave you at the party. I love you!

I won't say who any of them are, so don't ask. I will say that nine are female, and fourteen are male. This is just my little bitch moment. Sorry if I seem, well, bitchy to anyone out there. =]


MaximumCapacity said...

Lol. Wow. I need to make a list like that. :D

I suppose I'll blog swap.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find any of these particularly 'nerdy' exept the gang quote. good luck with your next list.