Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Read that article then come back to me.


For all of those who were lazy and did not read it, it talked about girls. And their sex lives. It says that girls, on average, are losing their virginity at age 15. I am 15. I thought that rate was going down? Most girls my age are virgins with no plans of changing that status any time soon. Like me. I want to wait until marriage, for heaven's sake! I want the satisfaction of getting to senior year and being all like, "Oh, what? You guys lost it and now regret it? Well guess what! I still have mine!"

I guess it just is appalling to me. At the same time we speak of a woman's strength in today's society, here is this statistic. And it pisses me off because it makes ALL of us look bad! Why ruin an entire banana with one bruise? WHY NOT FREAKING WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE SURE ABOUT EVERYTHING AND YOUR EMOTIONS DO NOT RULE YOU??????????

High-schoolers are retards.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. High Schoolers really need to grow up and realize what they are getting themselves into. In my cousins school he actually knew five girls that were teen pregnancys. I want to wait until I have a stable job, a nice neighborhood, I want to have both me and my partner checked, I want to be sure he is the one. I am not stupid. People really need to grow up.

-Kaotic Cass