Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It started out with me coming out of the high school, since it was the last day of school. I was saying goodbye to everyone, and all the seniors were there with autograph books. It was kind of sad...but I went to get on the bus, and just before I got on, I look to the right and see Kyle, this senior I had a crush all of my freshman year. He says 'hi' and gets on MY bus. I check to make sure I'm riding the right bus (I am) and get on. I'm carrying a prom dress for some reason, which I drop halfway down the aisle and have to go pick up. I sit in the back in the seat across from Kyle. We talk, but then I go to daydreaming out the window.

This is where my dream got seriously FREAKY.

I must've fallen asleep in my dream, because I was dreaming then. In my dream in my dream, the whole thing played out like a movie. The word "Bree" came up on the screen. Yes; it was the Bree from 'Eclipse'. A little girl with blonde hair walks into the high school, which is now vacant. There is an ominous green light inside. Then a little girl with black hair wearing a red shirt walks out. She doesn't look happy.

Suddenly, I'm inside this world, and it's not a dream inside a dream anymore. It's real for me, or at least, it's real for the dream. I'm on the front field of my high school; Bree is gone. There is one van waiting for me, I walk toward it, then turn away because it's not my mom. My mom comes, and I get in the car. I'm freaking out, because out of the window of the van I saw a face. I scream when I look to the right and see Bree standing there. I tell my mother to drive. She wants to pick up the little girl because she looks lost. She looks to the right, but Bree is no longer standing there. Bree has teleported out in front of our car. Mom now realizes that this is not just a little girl, so she drives. She would've run over Bree, but Bree teleports away. I think I am rid of her, but I keep seeing the face along the road. I scream every time.

Then my dream changes page again. Poof! I'm in this room with my best friend's mom, Tammy. Tammy knows about Bree, and she says, "You're not rid of her yet."Bree and her mother walk around the corner. Tammy and I are forced to do everything the two want. We can't not do it.

So the end wasn't so freaky. But the middle was way friggin CREEPY.


Anonymous said...

Kaotic Cass:

That was a weird dream...

Too Lazy to Log In : Maximum Capacity said...

Uh....that sounds more like a nightmare. Sorry about that creepy dream :)