Saturday, August 9, 2008

Funky Mood

I'm in this kind of a mood where I:

  1. Don't want to talk to people who will just try to change my mind about what I already am concrete about.
  2. Feel like dancing, but don't feel like cleaning my room so said dancing can take place
  3. Am pissed at the world, and don't know why
  4. Feel like I have accomplished nothing all day
  5. Just feel like crap, mentally
  6. Feel disappointed in my life
  7. Wish so bad that I could just find something to fill this void I've been feeling lately
  8. Could stop having all these thoughts running through my mind
A note on #8: I haven't been thinking in complete sentences. My thoughts have been pictures, not words. This hardly ever happens. I'm a writer, so naturally my thoughts are either written or spoken, but my current thoughts are pictures. I'll try to show you what I'm seeing:


1 comment:

Too Lazy to Sign Into Her Account said...

Slightly emo thoughts, there, but we still love you! Lol. /\_/\

I hope you feel better soon :)